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The Culture of Offending and Feeling Offended

How many people have you offended today? None? How do you know? In the overly politically correct environment we live in these days, it’s virtually impossible not to offend someone for some reason without ever intending to do so. All we can do is try, but chances are you will never know all the implications of a word, nuances, or even hand waving expressions. I recently offended a Palestinian acquaintance by stating that a network design was ‘Kosher’.

Being Politically Correct around Christmas

The holidays are always a complicated time of the year, when one need to be extra cautious navigating the different cultural contexts for each and every person you care about, and much of society where we live our lives. It can be really stressful and sometimes overwhelming to walk the fine line of saying what you feel or think openly (very much my nature), or use some more politically correct way that won’t offend others.

The Unintended Impact of Crashing my Phone

Yes, my really nice Samsung Galaxy Note 4, with an excellent camera, perfect size, and bright screen… Coming out of an Uber in front of my house at night, fell on a second curb that was put there for protection. I was about to give 5 stars to my driver, when baam! Face down. Since my phone was in my hand, it landed screen down with all my weight. The poor thing kept vibrating at random intervals with no other visible activity.

Putting Together a Software-Centric Home Entertainment System

Introduction I’ve been building home entertainment systems for more years I care to admit. It’s always been a hobby of mine and I find it extremely fun when things finally work as a whole, resulting in a complete operational system. I’ve never done it for money, but I’ve made them for friends and family and of course myself. But in recent years, the dream of having all content in digital format, available on-demand at any point in any device has pretty much become a reality.

Installing DNSCrypt in pfSsense

I don’t think it takes a lot of brainpower to realize why Internet users need to proactively make every effort to protect their online privacy. Every piece of data that can be extracted with regards to our behavior, will be harvested and sold, with various purposes, from behavioral modeling for targeted advertisement, to potential profiling by 3-letter government agencies that may not agree with that you are trying to view. On the same note, storage has become so cheap over time, that this data could be available for years to come, so searches made today, could conceivable put you in some list years from now.