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Setting Up CJDNS on pfSense

CJDNS is an IPv6 encrypted mesh networking technology, used in Hyperborea and other mesh networks around the world. I particularly like the way it’s conceived, with end-to-end encryption, distributed IP address allocation, DHT-based source routing and MPLS-like label switching. It has several interesting use cases, but I wanted to set it up in my pfSense gateway VM so I can use it as a distributed VPN of sorts. This could be useful to be able to access my systems from anywhere while traveling, or where my team can share access to each other’s Cloud Foundry labs, particularly when we travel.

On Becoming a Gourmet Cook

I recently exchanged emails with a family member in Chile who was joking she couldn’t imagine me in the kitchen, when she learned from my mom that I’m a self-proclaimed “gourmet cook”. I guess it makes sense. When I left Chile almost 20 years ago, my kitchen skills were really minimal, in spite of having grown up in a household where my mom cooked daily, and where my grandma Nicoletta, with her Italian heritage, made the most delicious dishes every time we visited.

Selecting the Right VPN Service

I first published this in 2013 but since I’ve been asked recently by several friends, I figured I update it with more current information. For the record, I’m a CISSP, and as such, computer security is always in the top of my mind. For me, that also extends to privacy. Since I spend a good amount of time at airports, hotels, coffee shops and generally roaming around, having a VPN service has become a necessity for me as well as for anyone who values their online privacy and safety, even at home.

On my LXMini Speakers

Introduction Not that long ago, I stumbled upon Siegfried Linkwitz’s web site when I was doing some research on speaker designs, and particularly open baffle systems. I became fascinated by his designs and ideas. His approach is different from the mainstream in the sense he goes down to basics, and starts by analyzing how we humans actually hear. In his web site, he states: “What you hear is not the air pressure variation in itself but what has drawn your attention is the two streams of superimposed air pressure variations at your eardrums”.

The Culture of Offending and Feeling Offended

How many people have you offended today? None? How do you know? In the overly politically correct environment we live in these days, it’s virtually impossible not to offend someone for some reason without ever intending to do so. All we can do is try, but chances are you will never know all the implications of a word, nuances, or even hand waving expressions. I recently offended a Palestinian acquaintance by stating that a network design was ‘Kosher’.