Complete Linkwitz Setup

This is a follow-up to my previous post on how did I came to this place, so an interested reader should head there first. After about a year of working on this on and off, I now have complete setup of the best work of Siegfried Linkwitz with a pair of LXMinis, a set of W-Frame subwoofer dipoles based also on his design, and the simply spectacular LX521.4 full range dipole speakers.

On my LXMini Speakers

Introduction Not that long ago, I stumbled upon Siegfried Linkwitz’s web site when I was doing some research on speaker designs, and particularly open baffle systems. I became fascinated by his designs and ideas. His approach is different from the mainstream in the sense he goes down to basics, and starts by analyzing how we humans actually hear. In his web site, he states: “What you hear is not the air pressure variation in itself but what has drawn your attention is the two streams of superimposed air pressure variations at your eardrums”.