The King of Empanadas

Having tried the majority, if not all varieties of this glorious turnover across Latin America, I firmly believe the Chilean version, specifically Empanadas de Pino, represents the culmination, the summit, the end of the road for this dish. There may be some bias here by virtue of having been born and raised in Chile, but I’m the same guy that unapologetically loves Asian food a lot more than Western food, and calls Tonkotsu Ramen his favorite dish.

Tonkotsu Ramen at Home

I wanted to write a post on the Day of the Programmer (September 13th this year), but instead of doing a pure tech piece, I decided to share my go-to comfort food recipe: Tonkotsu Ramen. What does this have to do with programming? Not much really, except that I came to it doing extensive research, each component was subject to tests and user validation, and a process was finally developed that optimizes for re-usability of the components that make up this dish.